There are thousands of Stigos on the streets of the world. Check out the stories of some of the happy Stigo owners from different parts of the world and from all walks of life.

For your office

I own a boutique interior design agency in the city center. Offering our clients a high quality, very hands-on service is what we’re best known for. That requires a personal touch to the work we produce, which means we need to be available for our clients whenever they need us. A face-to-face meeting and physically being with the client is the foundation of our excellent client relations and designing homes and workspaces they would love. Stigo’s office fleet allows us to have several bikes on standby whenever we need to see a client. It’s convenient and fast, and using Stigos on a daily basis has become an irreplaceable part of how we do business.

Oscar, Copenhagen

In your RV

Traveling has always been our passion for me and my wife. A couple of years ago, our mutual business got successful enough for us to be able to travel more and do most our work remotely. We started living our dream when we bought our RV –  it allows us to work and travel wherever we go in the US. Along with the RV, we also bought two Stigos which now get us anywhere the RV doesn’t or where we need a more dynamic mode of transport. Stigo requires no physical effort to ride, fold, or carry and offers all the mobility in the world. And it perfectly fits into the storage of the RV. We’re ready to take on the world.

Alex, San Francisco, California

For your yacht

I’ve owned a yacht for almost 10 years now, and the biggest issue with that has been quite obvious – the boat takes you to the next port. What next? After decades of carrying regular bicycles in my yacht, wasting my nerves and valuable space, I finally discovered Stigo as a perfect alternative to take with me on my trips. Be it a long weekend somewhere in Florida or a few month long trip traveling around nearby islands – Stigo lets me discover every nook and cranny of the amazing places which I thought I already knew. Thanks to Stigo I discover something new each time and enjoy a kind of freedom I’ve never had with only my boat.

Rodrigo, Key West, Florida

City commute

I live in North London but work in Canary Warf. Most of my clients are financial institutions in the city. City is about 2 miles from Canary Warf. As my commute to work, every morning is quite long, I hate taking the tube to my clients during the day. Stigo is perfect for quick client meetings and allows me to spend more time outdoors. Plus, I get to them much quicker than I would on the tube. I also use Stigo for my long commute when traveling between the office and my flat. I could walk that last mile, but Stigo is way more fun. And I can just fold it up, take it with me on the tube, and turn some heads as a bonus.

Emily, London, UK

In your car

I started college a few months ago, but I still live at home in the suburbs as I’m a Seattle native and moving to campus didn’t make sense. I take the car to the campus every day. However, campus grounds are large enough for making it difficult to move around by foot. This makes it difficult to run my errands and get to class on time. Stigo is an amazing gadget for making my day more productive. I simply park my car on campus, take the Stigo out of the trunk, unfold it, and ride it anywhere I need to go during the day. Moving around doesn’t get any simpler than this for a car owner in this city.

Laura, Seattle, Washington