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The extraordinary design flare behind this Stigo scooter really shows what Estonians are capable of.

You just unfold the Stigo and hop on – I came in a car but I think I’m going to be leaving with one of these!

Ultimately, Stigo hopes to begin cutting down on the number of cars clogging up city streets, thereby reducing the amount of pollution plaguing city life.

This e-scooter offers an elegant solution for last mile commutes and easily folds so that you can bring it your office, coffee shop, or wherever you need to go.

For those who want an electric mobility option that’s smaller than an e-bike, this clever folding electric scooter might be just the ticket.

World’s fastest folding electric scooter revolutionizes commuting.

Stigo unveils an ultra-lightweight electric scooter that folds down to the size of a golf bag.

The Stigo personal transport blurs the lines between a bike and a scooter.

The seated e-ride is a strong and fun option in the field of personal electric vehicles that can bridge home, the office, and public transportation.