The world's
fastest folding
electric vehicle

Designed to look like a bicycle,
this two-wheeler powered scooter
is easy to learn and fun to ride – CNET


Nordic design meets Estonian tech.

Never compromise your comfort while enjoying a ride. With Stigo B1, you can conquer rugged grounds or enjoy a smooth glide on country roads. 

High-quality motor, top-of-the-line amortization, and excellent battery capacity will take you safely to your destination. 


Now available for distributors and resellers! 

Electric moped B1

Now available for distributors and resellers! 


From Barcelona

The daily commute used to be such an incredibly dull experience. A part of my day wasted on this mundane activity I didn’t even remember afterward - home, train, walk the last mile to the office. Just another reason to get out and about.

To a Greener Future

Choosing the Stigo will decrease your carbon footprint and help you do your part in making our planet a little less polluted.

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Making life
less complicated

A true example of Nordic design. Stigo is built with remarkable attention to every detail, while every detail is created with rigorous precision and care. Stigo’s fundamental idea is to leave no room for clutter and fuss – stylish look, clean lines, barely noticeable, but turning heads.

We’ve created our bike for comfort, portability, and to be an irreplaceable companion on your journey. Wherever you’re going.

  • Goesup to

    25 kmh/
    16 mph

  • Weighs

    14.1 kg/
    31 lbs

  • Foldsin


  • Hub motorof


  • Rangeup to

    40 km/
    25 mi

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