The people behind Stigo are passionate about contributing towards a cleaner future and smoother transportation in cities. We have been in innovation management of sustainable solutions for over ten years and exceptionally proud of our Stigo and its unique design and functionality. Our team will do our utmost to bring you the best experience that an electric scooter can bring.

Rando Pikner Rando takes care of the business development. He is practicing what he is preaching – don’t be surprised when you meet him in your home town riding around with Stigo. Feel free to stop him and ask for a ride. In his free time, Rando enjoys swimming, camping and DJ-ing.
Ardo Reinsalu Ardo is making sure your Stigo is technically excellent. He keeps his sharp eyes on production and assures the quality. In the free time he enjoys time management (?!) and reads lots of sci-fi.
Rainer Nõlvak Rainer is leading the whole Stigo project and taking care that everybody gets their Stigo! In the free time he enjoys cleaning the world – yes, he is THE man behind World Cleanup 2013 movement!
Matti Õunapuu Matti is the design “father” of Stigo. Not only is he one the world’s best designers, he has a passion for his work like no one else. There are number of future scooters already on his drawing desk – so be prepared for more! On his free time he enjoys travelling… with Stigo, preferably…
Alain Giraud Alain Giraud, who has been in the automotive industry for 38 years, is best known for spearheading the development of Renault’s electric vehicle, Twizy. Alain has joined advisory board of Stigobike.
Merje Muiste Merje makes sure that actual work gets done, bills are paid, orders entered and boys can play with their toys. On her free time she is a volunteer “cat protector” and makes sure that all wondering cats will find their loving family.

Rando Pikner, CEO, rando at, +372 6 701 962