What is Stigos main advantage?

Stigo can be taken anywhere – indoors, to public transportation, to café, etc – therefore you can charge it anywhere! You don’t need parking space or charging infrastructure. Also, Stigo has trolley wheels, so it’s as easy to pull along as a suitcase.

Is it true that Stigo is the fastest folding scooter?

Perhaps it’s not the fastest folding but it’s definitely the most compact, quickly foldable and still street legal scooter. When you can easily fold it under 2 seconds, you really don’t care about the speed any more :)

What is the range?

Stigo standard model with one battery goes about 15-19 kilometres per charge. If you need longer range then Stigo+ with two batteries is the way to go - it goes about 30-40 kilometres per charge. The range depend on the weather, terrain, rider's weight and riding style.

What is the top speed?

Most country regulations limit the speed of such vehicles types at 25km/h on the road and 6 km/h on the sidewalk. So, the maximum speed is limited to 25km/h.

How can I charge a Stigo?

Stigo can be charged by plugging it into any standard power outlet. It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery for both Stigo and Stigo+ models.

Can I replace batteries?

It is possible to do so if you need new batteries but it must be done by an authorized service partner in your country. Please contact your reseller.

Can I take a Stigo to the train or public transportation?

In most countries – yes, you can! Folded Stigo takes the same amount of space as a suitcase. Also, you can use a special water-proof textile cover that completely hides any bike features of Stigo and makes it look even more like a luggage.

Where can I try and buy a Stigo?

Please see our list on dealers all over the world here Find a shop

Can I take a Stigo onto a plane?

Unfortunately you can not because of the restrictions of taking electric powered vehicles onto a plane.

Can I register a Stigo?

Yes you can. For Europe, every Stigo comes with a COC certificate and all the documentation needed to get license plates, insurance and to be road legal in European countries. For the US, Canada and elsewhere, this COC provides all details on the device, and can be used as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin as appropriate.. Stigo scooters can be registered in all EU countries as L1e mopeds. In the US, the registration requirements for L1e mopeds vary by state. You are responsible for understanding your local state and municipal regulations. Federally, since these devices have a maximum speed of 20 mph they are exempt from FMVSS. As part of the type approval, we are required to add Certificate of Conformity (COC) document with each bike we sell.

Is the handlebar or the seat adjustable?

There is no need for that. The design of the Stigo is such that the rider’s weight is distributed between three supporting points: arms, legs and upper body – this reduces stress to muscles and back. This is the same concept which city bikes are based on. The muscles are perfectly built to work with the double S-shape, the ideal sitting position. Experts believe that your riding position is supporting the spine when you maintain the S-shape. The Stigo riding position is designed to support the natural S-shaped spine, allowing for even distribution of body weight. The Stigo riding position also allows for 80-90 degree angle between the arms and the upper body for good load distribution – this reduces the supporting work of shoulder, arm and back muscles. According to experts, a comfortable relaxed riding position is when the handlebar is not more than 10cm from the saddle level. That maintains the 90 deg angle between arm and body, allowing the body to relax while riding long distances.

Does a Stigo have suspension?

Due to the ergonomic seat and the inflatable tyres extra suspension is not needed.

What about leaving a Stigo outside? How can I lock it or protect it from rain?

The concept of Stigo is that you can take it easily indoors with you. No need to park, lock or leave your Stigo unattended. Fold it in 2 seconds and take it with you to your apartment, cafeteria, restaurant, train or on a yacht.

Can you pedal a Stigo?

No you can not. Stigo has a grip-twist throttle to adjust the speed.

Can I ride a Stigo on public roads?

Yes, you can ride Stigo on public roads in all EU countries. You can do that because Stigo has a type approval certificate (e-mark) which means that the vehicle has been approved street legal. In the US and Canada, there are variations by state and potentially by municipality. 

Can I ride a Stigo on bicycle lanes?

Mostly yes – Stigo maximum speed 25 km/h and low riding position makes it very safe. In fact, Stigo is safer and lighter than most bicycles. However, you should acquaint yourself with local laws because driving regulations may differ even within the same country.

What about the saddle design?

The Stigo saddle is unlike any bicycle saddle. In fact, it’s designed to oppose many traditional cycling philosophies. A bicycle seat is designed for fast and efficient pedalling, hence the slimness and streamline structure of the traditional bicycle saddle. The Stigo is designed specifically to be as comfortable for long distance riding without the need to pedal. The broadness of the Stigo saddle supports more of the buttock which helps to relieve pressure from the soft tissue and organs. Also the curvature of the Stigo saddle prevents the rider from slipping off on inclines, similar to how bucket seats on a race car keeps the driver from being thrown sideways during turns.

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